Our destination is your health!

Varmed Transport is the first transportation service dedicated to health purposes, non-emergency, which works through our toll-free service line. Our service is 100% by telephone and Smartphones are not required to enjoy this private and efficient service.


About us


We are with you on every trip to ensure your well-being

Transportation 24-7

VarMed Transport in alliance with UBER Health allows you to coordinate a transportation service related to healthcare errands or others. You can use the Uber driver network by calling our innovative contact center 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.

Use Uber without a Smartphone, without applications

Call +1 787-705-0770, and one of our operators will serve you for booking your trip and payment processing. It’s that simple!

Travel safe and pay less

Travel with us, using the private services of Uber Health. Remember that the service is for health destinations and not for emergencies. If you have an emergency, you should call 911.


How does it work?


We have a toll-free that you can call us 24/7 to coordinate your trip.


Our advanced contact center will record your location, destination point, and time for your trip. We will send an SMS confirming driver and license plates.


We accept credit cards, prepaid cards, or ATM for your request, on a 100% reliable platform.

Arrive on time

We take you to your destination without complications. If you want to cancel or change your schedule, remember to call us 15 minutes before and manage your modifications.


Manage your trips

15% Off

If it is the first time you travel with us, we will make a 15% discount on your first trip.

Book by phone

Call us at our Toll-Free +1 787-705-0770, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Online Reservation

Fill out the form with your contact information, location, destination, and payment method with just a few clicks.


 Puerto Rico

Available in the Puerto Rico Metro Area. We are in San Juan and its surroundings.


Toa Alta

Toa Baja



San Juan


Trujillo Alto




Río Grande




Frequently asked questions

What is Varmed Transport?

Varmed Transport is in alliance with Uber Health, through a contact center. We help you to coordinate your trips and visit your health provider or other destinations as a complementary service for health errands.

Varmed Transport uses the Uber Health dashboard, Uber’s network, and independent drivers to coordinate your trips.

How does it work?

Using the Uber Health control panel and our innovative contact center, we coordinate your trips; to a healthcare provider or other destinations with just one call.

Who do we serve?

We serve the elderly population that wants to benefit from Uber services without creating an Uber account or having a Smartphone to access the platform.

How do I coordinate a trip?

Once we receive your call, you have to provide your personal information, service date, pick-up location, and destination location; we will coordinate your ride with an Uber driver.

Can I schedule more than one trip or multiple stops?

Yes, you can coordinate as many trips as necessary, providing the time and location for them.

What is the average cost per trip?

The cost per trip depends on the distance for each location. Using Uber’s estimated fare algorithm, the price per ride is established. Also, a service charge of $ 3.50 will be made for coordination service.


Our commitment is to you and your health

If you have any problem, doubt, or need more information about our service, we make our point of contact available.