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Who we are?

Our destination is your health!

Varmed Transport is a division of the Varmed Management Group, in alliance with Uber Health, to provide transportation services, with the purpose of closing gaps for health care in Puerto Rico.

 Taking care of your health begins with getting to the doctor. Our adult population or people living in remote places need mobility and independence to carry out their health efforts.

 Varmed Transport is the first and only provider on the island for UBER Health. We have a modern contact center based on a digital platform necessary to manage transportation services.  For this, our digital environment guarantees compliance with the Health Insurance Liability and Portability Act (HIPAA) requirements.


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Uber Health is a HIPAA compliant platform

Uber Health in an environment that ensures compliance with the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

 Our digital platforms, contact center infrastructure, and operators are managed under the parameters required by law.

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Varmed Transport and Uber Health is a telephone service

Call 787-705-0770, and one of our operators will answer you. You have to share your personal information, pick up and drop off addresses and,  the day and time for your service. And our operators will assist you in coordinating your trip. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each call will have a service charge of $ 3.50 plus the trip’s cost according to UBER rates.

Varmed Transport is an ally for health management

Health management is defined as any activity carried out to maintain physical and mental health in optimal conditions.

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It includes:

  • Medical appointments: primary doctor, dentists, specialist doctors.
  • Laboratories or X-Rays, MRI, mammograms, colonoscopy, endoscopy, among others.
  • Physical therapies or treatments for cancer, dialysis, diabetes, among others.
  • Pre-admission or discharge from hospitals.
  • Go to the pharmacy to look for your medications.
  • Go to the supermarket to get fresh food and eat a balanced diet.
  • Go to the park for a walk or to the gym.
  • Attend recreational, sports and cultural activities.


Our clients

"I have used the Varmed Transport service for my parents, and it is a quick and effective solution that they can use from the home phone, safely and on time."

Pedro de armas

"Varmed transport is an easy to use service; I liked that with just one call you can schedule trips regularly at once."

Luisa Hernández

"Varmed's service is excellent, you don't need to have medical insurance to use it, and I can make reservations for myself or other people in my family."

Luis Andrés Pérez


Our commitment is to you and your health

If you have any problem, doubt, or need more information about our service, we make our contacts available.